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PREMIERE: Grind'n'Roll with Napalm Death-Meets-Brutal Truth Supergroup Venomous Concept

Stream "Leper Dog," a new song from the international grindcore dream team's upcoming new album.

by Noisey Staff
Dec 17 2015, 8:23pm

Photo by Madoka Motoshima Embury

Venomous Concept is made up almost entirely of grindcore legends, dudes who have seen a thing or two and sold a record or three over the past three decades. The kitchen sink rock'n'grind that this ostensible side project—for when the lads want to take a breather from their day jobs in Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, or Corrupt Moral Altar—churns out sounds like it's unspeakably fun to play, with a much looser vibe than Napalm Death (and a little less chaos than Brutal Truth). By now, Venomous Concept is a full-fledged band in its own right, which seems like it was the (poison) idea all along.

On new song "Leper Dog," Kevin Sharp's mad scientist grin and executioner's growl, Shane Embury's hurricane hair and razor-edged riffs, Dan Lilker's gaunt dexterity slappin' da bass, Danny Herrera's wild blasts behind the kit, and the manic talent of newbie guitarist John Cook congeal into a frenetic, irreverent blend of punk, hardcore, rock'n'roll, and grind.

The band's latest album, Kick Me Silly; VC3 is out January 8 via Season of Mist; stream "Leper Dog" below.

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