We Insist You Watch Veruca Salt's Video for "Eyes on You"

Guitars! Distortion! Harmonies for days! The girls (and guys) return with "a forensic study of the end of friendship."

Apr 1 2016, 2:57pm

Photo by Alison Dyer

Guys. There's tons of stuff to be excited about in life. French fries! Hugs! Friday! A melodic hook that you LOVE but don't really know why! Also the ongoing (not to mention rejuvenated) existence of Veruca Salt, a band who decimated the mid-90s with their blend of power-pop, identifiable emotion and more hooks than a football team of fisherman. (Well that metaphor didn't really work…)

Wanna know something about destiny and love? Nina Gordon and Louise were meant to come together and be buddies and harmonize and plug their distortion pedals in and rock the fuck out. Last year we went crazy for their return—shooting them acoustic on an NYC roof top and diving deep with the girls regarding their latest LP Ghost Notes, the girls' separation in the late 90s, and everything in between. So obviously we're excited to premiere the video for their new single "Eyes on You," which of course pulls from their real life experiences.

“We think of this song as a forensic study of the end of a friendship—searching for the exact moment where something went terribly wrong," explains Nina Gordon. "We might have done a CSI-type video instead, or Quincy or something. But one thing we really wanted to get at was the isolation you can feel when analyzing a breakup, so we figured that maybe having us stuck there watching each other on TV screens for all eternity would do the trick.”

Watch it below. Happy Friday!