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k-os Forms a Can-Con Megazord with Kaytranada and Boi-1da for 'Views from the Stix' Tape

Two of them are named "Kevin," get it?

by Phil Witmer
May 20 2016, 2:00pm

Artwork by KimiKimo

Toronto rap journeyman k-os released his album Can't Fly Without Gravity only last year but the prolific rapper/singer/producer/everything has already released a follow-up project titled Views from the Stix. The fifteen-track tape features production most notably from Canadian producers Kaytranada and Boi-1da. The combination of all these talents is akin to any really crazy cartoon fusing of powers: Megazords, Voltron, DNA-Digivolving. You know you can expect something insane. Kay reflips the Brian Bennett sample used in Drake's "Summer Sixteen" into a cold cypher beat while Boi-1da contributes a remix of Can't Fly's "Another Shot". Elsewhere, there's a track called "On My Kanye", which features k-os rapping alongside Yeezy's infamous Sway outburst.

"As an artist I've always tried to remain the observer," k-os explains. "This is a hard thing to do in the music industry- especially if you've attained any level of success and become "The Observed." 'VIEWS FROM THE STIX' is not a spoof. It's just the viewpoint of a suburban kid. A kid from beyond the pale that was always a little bit too weird for the city." Listen to the exclusive album stream below.

Phil Witmer would definitely have named this tape 'Omnimon' if it was up to him. Follow him on Twitter.

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