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Vic Mensa Releases LGBT Tribute Track "Free Love" Featuring Lil' B, Halsey, Malik Yusef and Leif

"Free love is not a luxury."

by John Hill
Jun 27 2016, 12:42pm

With the mass shooting committed in Orlando earlier this month, Pride celebrations have become ever more poignant. To give his support, Vic Mensa came out with a new track "Free Love." He enlists some of the best people to back him up on the track, including Le1f, Halsey, Lil' B, and Malik Yusef. All four guest artists deliver their parts with an extreme confidence, Le1f flows seamlessly into Halsey, neither letting up the intensity of the track, and ending on a sermon from The Based God Himself. It's awesome to hear all five musicians come together on the track, joining in for a bigger purpose.

Read a note Vic wrote about the track as well:

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