iPhone Anthropology: Anamanaguchi

Pete and Ary of Anamanaguchi take us deep into their pockets in the first edition of our latest column, iPhone Anthropology

Oct 29 2013, 2:30pm

Clockwise from upper left: Peter, Ary, James and Luke of Anamanaguchi

Next century's historians will likely determine my generation to be the scions of Earth's last really fun decade, when communication networks allowed us a brief respite from the demands of the flesh world before the devastating Bandwidth Wars of the 2020's. They'll focus, no doubt, on our relationship with iPhones, used by privileged elites to access an infinite Borges-ian data matrix and send business emails with emojis. iPhone Anthrology is a new column in which we'll grab the paradigm by it's Wi-Fi hotspot and ask the great minds of our time (read: artists we think use their phones a lot) how they engage with the most advanced tool humanity's ever created. This week we hit up our pals Pete Berkman and Ary Warnaar, guitarists in the internet's favorite (game)boy band Anamanaguchi, for the inside scoop on their smartphone flex.

Noisey: Most used app?

Ary Warnaar: Twitter or insta.

Pete Berkman: Twitter duhhhh.

Favorite texting abbreviation:

AW: PTFO—"Pass the fuck out" aka I'm sleepy.

PB: Hayyyyy.

Favorite game:

AW: Robot Unicorn Attack.

PB: I forgot my Megu password and got a new phone... I havent seen him in a while. We reunited recently. Lil Qwopper has been brave though, and he grew strong without me. I logged in and had all this fancy food from D33J. Qwopper ate one meal and went up 5 levels, so shout out to D33J <3< p="">



PB: We launched a furby off my roof with a parachute & when he hit the ground he lost one set of eyelashes.

Lock Screen:

AW: Same as background, I get freaked out when those switch.

PB: Kirby chilling on a hammock, always reminding me that everything is cool.

Recently used emojis:



Favorite stored photo:

AW: Sexy Shrek [censored by Ed.—trust us, it's sexy]

PB: This is a dog named HUGO. He is really cute in a gross way. My sister said his name is short for HUman GOblin but I just think he's da best.

PB: BONUS SHITTT: This game called BONKEY TREK by Quimdung LLC. You basically ride this donkey through the desert, and you bonk him on the head to move. You encounter many dangerous strangers on your dangerous journey. If you die sometimes it lets you 'resurrect' your bonkey where he died, but it pops up as a $1 in-app purchase.

Ezra Marcus also demands payment for resurrection, on Twitter—@ezra_marc.