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Watch O’Brother Brutally Murder Each Other

Who will survive and what will be left of them?

by Noisey Staff
Mar 20 2014, 1:58pm

Band practice is a pain in the ass. Everybody shows up late and then you spend the first half of it dicking around and talking about last night’s episode of Scandal. And then the bassist will go outside for 20 minutes to take a call from his girlfriend. But at the very least, it usually doesn’t end up in murder. In O’Brother’s case though, it does. Check out their new video for “Perilous Love” and see where things go wrong.

The song is off of last year’s album, Disillusion, which you should really pick up if you wanna have your ears blown out. And while you’re at it, check out the time we hung out with them on tour. Turns out those dudes really, really, really love sriracha.

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