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Graves at Sea Return to Doom Us All with 'The Curse That Is'

Stream the Bay Area doom legends' insanely heavy, first-ever full-length right here.

by Kim Kelly
Mar 31 2016, 8:33pm

Graves At Sea's name should be familiar to anyone who knows and loves dank, desolate sludge. Prior to their 2008 split, the band became instrumental in the rise of Oakland, CA's extreme metal scene, holding it down real, reeeeal low for the doomed arts alongside their contemporaries in Noothgrush and Asunder. After six years of releasing several well-regarded EPs and marking a high point for American doom with 2005's Asunder split, though, Graves At Sea disbanded. As their devoted fans mourned, its various members went on to lend their down-tuned talents to Brainoil, Noothgrush, Laudanum, Ephemeros, Uzala, The Roller, and many more, keeping the doom (if not the dream) alive.

Come 2012, though, the news came that Graves at Sea were back—and they were recording new material. A 2014 EP and split with Sourvein followed, and now, 14 years after its original formation, Graves At Sea is ready to release its first-ever full-length, The Curse That Is ... and we've got it streaming right here. As I'd assume would be obvious, given that this is fucking GRAVES AT SEA we're talking about, the album rules, and it'll take you weeks to wash off the grit and grime that comes with listening to it (Nathan Misterek's vocals alone make me wan to shower in battery acid).

The Curse That Is comes out tomorrow (4/1) on Relapse; get your buying fingers ready, and stream it in full below.

Kim Kelly is gonna go listen to that Asunder split on Twitter.