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Low Estate May Be Orchid + Made Out of Babies + Sannhet, But They Roar Like Early Mastodon

Check out the new EP from the Brooklyn-based supergroup for the first time at Noisey.

by Noisey Staff
Mar 3 2015, 4:26am

Made up from parts of Orchid, Made Out of Babies, SANNHET, The Year is One, and more, Low Estate is a four piece from Brooklyn, New York readying their new effort Blood Horizon. Straight out of the gate, the band roars with the force of Mastodon, maintaining the same complexity and ferocity that fueled Remission and the early releases. Later on the other influences become more apparent, with everyone from the Jesus Lizard to Bloodlet to Deadguy all making brief appearances in a diverse and vitriloic twenty-eight minutes. Stream "A Steady Decline" and the rest of the EP below, and get it now now via Bandcamp for the very affordable price of "whatever the hell you want." You'll thank me later.

Meanwhile, SANNHET also has a new release in the form of Revisionist, out today via The Flenser. Stream it in full below before you buy your own copy (because you probably will).