RIP Whatever Brains: Hear the Raleigh Freak Punk's Farewell "Pluries"

The band is calling it quits, but putting out one more record. Stream the first track here.

by Zach Kelly
Nov 4 2015, 4:45pm

Yes, it’s true: Sorry State Records’ worst-selling band is no more. After three full-lengths and handfuls of singles and splits, Raleigh, NC freak punks Whatever Brains have decided to call it a day. Next month, they’ll release their posthumous, untitled fourth album, a recording promising to be “less hopeful than previous Whatever Brains efforts.” Decidedly strange, rhythmic and obtuse, the Brains have made sure that no grave will go un-pissed on, taking on everything from “police, governments, racist police, racist governments, religion, racist religion” and whatever is left in-between. As Rich Ivey drones over the crippled funk of “Pluries,” which we’re proud to share with you here today, “pardon the mess.” Even their death throes are righteous. Godspeed, you beautiful idiots.

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