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PREMIERE: MMG's Yowda Connects with Riff Raff for "Wish That I Was Playin'"

This song makes me want to start dancing like a total idiot, and that's a good thing.

by Drew Millard
Feb 19 2015, 4:55pm

This is one of those songs that you hear the first time and start doing some ridiculous dance with your elbows like Gucci Mane did in the "She Got a Friend" video with Big Boi and Juelz Santana from back in the day. Riff Raff works as a great foil for Yowda of Maybach Music Group here, Riff's high-pitched drawl balancing perfectly against Yowda's basso profundo. "Wish That I Was Playin'" makes me want to roll up to some party, walk in like I own the place, and start throwing all of the money that I don't have on a bunch of unsuspecting plebians like I was some sort of swagly Roman Emperor. Which, y'know, is the point of probably 17% of all rap music.

Yowda hails from Las Vegas, and linked up with MMG back in September. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out his "That's How It Goes" with YG, because that song knocks too.