Make the Ska Kid in You Proud and Listen to A New Song from Less Than Jake

The ska legends return with their first album in five years.

Oct 9 2013, 3:15pm

Let’s take a minute to give it up for Less Than Jake. Not only has the Florida band stuck it out for 20 years, which in ska years is a lifetime, but they’ve also endured numerous label changes, which would normally kill most bands. The band’s albums have had temporary homes with everyone from Capitol Records to the tiny, now-defunct Dill Records. And on top of it all, the band has maintained their status as the only ska band people aren’t embarrassed to admit to liking.

But now, Less Than Jake are back on Fat Wreck to release See The Light, their first album in five years. Not sure if there’s anything nerdier than splitting hairs with ska albums, but if we hypothetically were, you could probably argue that the album is the closest thing to band’s old-school sound that we’ve heard in a while. It definitely brings to mind elements from the band’s debut album, Pezcore. But again, that’s only if we were being ska nerds...which we’re definitely not.

LTJ will soon be headlining the Fat Tour with Anti-Flag, Get Dead, and those rapscallions in Masked Intruder. See The Light is out next month from Fat Wreck Chords. Make your high school self proud and give their new song a listen.