Ariana Grande Brings More Fun Than Ever to Her New Track "Greedy"

Have a good time in preparation of 'Dangerous Woman' coming May 20.

May 14 2016, 3:13pm

With only six days left, the hype for Ariana Grande's new record Dangerous Woman is set to be a huge accomplishment for the 22 year old singer. Up to this point we've seen her take over Saturday Night Live, and drop both solo tracks and collabs with artists like Lil' Wayne. Yesterday she put out a new song "Greedy," which will probably be the last thing we dig into before the whole record is out. The song is a groovy, smooth jam filled with a super dancy bassline and a variety of instrumentation. It's probably the most fun track we've heard from Dangerous Woman, which builds even more excitement to what else she has in store on the record.

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