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Listen to 2 Milly's Official "Milly Rock" Remix, Featuring A$AP Ferg and Rick Ross

Rick Ross spends the whole time telling people to dab for some reason.

by Kyle Kramer
Jan 12 2016, 4:17pm

Last summer when we interviewed Brooklyn rapper 2 Milly and his Stack Paper crew, we predicted that the Milly Rock would be the next big dance craze. We may have jumped the gun. Dance is fickle—after all, nobody was expecting we'd have Hillary Clinton dabbing in 2016, yet here we are. However, after several months of slowly gaining momentum, the Milly Rock seems to have legitimately hit the precipice of a mainstream breakthrough, at least in the hip-hop world. The song bangs so much that everyone from fellow Brooklynite Fabolous to Lil Wayne has offered a twist on it.

Now there's an official remix, featuring A$AP Ferg and Rick Ross, who shared his verse last month on his own #RenzelRemix. Rick Ross, who is probably not athletic enough to pull off the Milly Rock dance, spends the whole time telling people to dab for some reason, but that shouldn't obscure the fact that Ferg was basically born to black out on this beat. He opens his verse with "I'm Milly rocking, I'm Diddy bopping / my flow dumb, Andy Milonakis / make 'em say uhh like Silkk the Shocker" and it's just up from there. Plus, 2 Milly's original is pretty hard to fuck up. May the Milly Rock continue to prosper across many more blocks.

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