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Towkio's "Reflection" Video Will Make You Feel Relieved You're Sober

One video. So many bad decisions.

by Peter Sholley
May 21 2015, 5:28pm

Music videos can offer a chance to escape into a universe of partying while you're stuck watching TV or sitting at your desk, but a music video can also be so fucking crazy that once it’s over you actually take a second to appreciate being sober. In the case of the new video for Towkio’s dance-friendly “Reflection,” a single off the Chicago rapper's recent album .Wav Theory, it’s hard not to feel slightly dizzy, drunk, and/or fucked up in general while watching.

The video, which details a house party in which several couples hook up and snort powders in the bathroom of said house party, is a visual tornado of debauchery and poor decisions. The chorus, “Cocaine / on the mirror / look at you / look at you,” flows delicately over an otherwise intensely bass slapping, almost heartbeat-like rhythm—characteristic style of omnipresent Montreal producer Kaytranada. Beautiful girls make out with scraggly dudes, people do drugs, Towkio gets sucked into things, Towkio's Save Money buddy Chance the Rapper makes an appearance, people do more drugs, phones are dropped, phone calls are made, and there are—you guessed it!—even more drugs. It's an immersive, almost uncomfortable, but definitely memorable visual experience. Check out the sweet video below, and be sure to check out the very dope album .Wav Theory in its entirety.

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