Fall Down the Rabbit Hole with the New Track from Melody's Echo Chamber

"Desert Horse," from 'Bon Voyage,' due out on June 15, feels more like a collage than a song.
May 16, 2018, 12:58pm
Image by Diane Sagnier via PR

One of my favourite things to do is just lie there, totally still, and listen to music. I don't do it often because my attention span has been pecked away by the internet, but when I do, I find it really soothing. Some music – the sort that feels like it's washing over you, giving you kind of a sonic bath – lends itself better to this activity than others (my number one 'lying there' song is "Cloudbusting" by Kate Bush, because it's so bright and vast), and now, with "Desert Horse," the new track from Melody's Echo Chamber, it looks like I'll be making an addition to this very specific playlist.

"Desert Horse" is the third track released from Melody Prochet's upcoming album Bon Voyage (due 15 June), and it feels more like a soundscape than a song in the traditional sense. It's a completely absorbing and stimulating listen, as Prochet pieces together a huge number of elements to create an aural experience. Opening with a funky guitar line, the track morphs into something sparse and synth-led seamlessly, before incorporating strings, and then quick percussion, by way of a few eccentric samples en route. If it sounds like there's a lot going on, there absolutely is, and it's great. Get into it below:

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