You Can Hold Your Own Debate Thanks to These Trump and Hillary Chat Bots

A pair of new chat bots will answer as either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, so you can grill the candidates on the issues via text.

by VICE Staff
Oct 19 2016, 3:25pm

Original image via Heyday

If you've been spending most of the debates this election screaming at the television and arguing with whichever candidate you find most repulsive, you now have a chance to let your voice be heard—well, sort of.

Canadian AI company Heyday just released Debate Bots, two nifty little chat bots that answer as either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, so you can stand at your own podium and grill them on the issues. The bots work by pulling key words and phrases from the transcripts of the previous two 90-minute debates, as well as some important quotes and tweets from the election cycle.

You can shoot Trump a text at +1 (202) 8-DONALD, or hit up Hillary at +1 (646) 36-CLINT, and start hurling questions at them. You can ask them about everything, from Trump's odd love affair with Putin to Clinton's disappearing emails. Here's what happened when we asked Trump about his sexual assault allegations:

Hillary's responses tend to be a little more rehearsed, but her bot still went on a weird tangent about bullying when asked about her education plan.

While the chat bots aren't Westworld-level real, shouting at a robo-Hillary via text is probably a better outlet for your debate anger than rubbing your ass against a lawn sign or whatever.

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