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The North Meets the South in Elhae's New Song "Claim"

Listen to the Atlanta singer's futuristic fusion of styles.

by Phil Witmer
Sep 7 2016, 4:59pm

Image via Soundcloud

Atlanta singer Elhae is one of those artists who isn't just building steam, but is steam: tough to really get a grip on. Last year's Aura EP established a smooth, old-school sound but "Claim" goes for more futuristic turf. "I ain't ashamed," sings Elhae as he hops flights from "the A" to LA. However, it's not the West Coast that informs this song, but rather the North. The production, by PartyNextDoor collaborators Neenyo and G. Ry, favours a hazy ambience and cleverly programmed drums which are definitely reminiscent of that Toronto moodiness. As a fusion of the cities' sensibilities, it's intriguing. As a teaser for the upcoming second part of Aura, it's effective. Stream "Claim" below.

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