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This Subreddit Captures That Awkward Moment People Realize They're on Camera

Are we rolling yet?

by Emiko Jozuka
Nov 17 2015, 11:32am

All of us are probably guilty of a photobomb or two, but some of us take this art to the next level. This subreddit captures that really awkward moment that people realize they've been caught on live TV.

The gif that started it all features a policeman brusquely strolling toward the camera, realizing he's live on air and freezing like a rabbit caught in the headlights before crab walking out of the frame:

This young kid was so desperate to get something off of mom that she didn't give a second thought to dashing out in front of the cameras as her mom was broadcasting some serious news nuggets to the nation:

This man sauntered onto the set before some mysterious magnetic force field sucked him back out of the frame:

Some people just wished they'd invested in a session at the local sun tanning joint before appearing on camera:

This 'r/arewerolling' subreddit got started ten months ago by a reddit user called JustReminiscing, but started trending at breakneck speed yesterday. Looks like we suddenly can't get enough of those candid camera moments.

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