Deadmau5 Criticizes the Chainsmokers Yet Again on His Twitter

The producer has never been afraid to share his thoughts online

by Britt Julious
Apr 15 2017, 3:02pm

Photo by Matt Barnes.

Deadmau5 is nearly as famous for his words as he is for his music and live sets. In the past, the Canadian producer has gotten into mini-feuds with artists as varied as Skrillex and Kanye West.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the producer is not a fan of the Chainsmokers. In February, the producer took a jab at the duo on his Instagram, when he posted a photo of his laptop and captioned the pic, "Hey EDM! check out my new laptop stand... @thechainsmokers where do I plug in the aux cord so I can make sick beets like you." 

In December, the producer went on a tweeting spree, calling out the group for blocking him on Twitter and responding to a number of their tweets. Even in 2014, deadmau5 said the only thing the group had in common with pop EDM was "probably cancer."

His ire toward the group seems to be going strong. In response to a New York Times article and podcast titled, "How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Chainsmokers?" the producer tweeted, "Easy. You suck a shitload of Grammy dick and pay a ghost producer."

And in response to a now-deleted tweet, the producer criticized their Grammy win.

It seems like this feud shows no sign of ending. Earlier this week, we wrote about how The Chainsmokers are selling a mirage that everyone is buying.