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"No Hands" By Run the Jewels Producer King Mono is a Slice of Future Funk

The duo will release their debut album 'Bump in the Night' later this month.

by Michelle Lhooq
Mar 25 2015, 9:55pm

You've already heard King Mono's music--you just didn't know it. The live band and production duo is made up of Jeremy Wilms and Little Shalimar; the latter produced both Run the Jewels and Run the Jewels 2, El-P and Killer Mike's critically acclaimed (and super dope) albums. "[El-P] is a really dear friend and a monster in the studio," Little Shalimar tells THUMP. "I've learned a ton about chopping and mangling sounds from him. I think you'll likely hear more of his influence on me on the next King Mono record."

About that record: it's called Bump in the Night, it will be King Mono's debut album. As a taste of what's to come, we're premiering "No Hands," one of two instrumental tracks on the release, which they describe as "catchy quirky funky weird RnB shit." The jazzy number was made by plugging a drum machine into a chain of guitar pedals, with the chopped up squeals of their friend, Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Stuart Bogie, blasting his clarinet in one unforgettable take. According to King Mono, they also wrapped the strings of a piano with duct tape to create a "great, dry, thuddy plucked sound."

"Man, we just hope they dig it," King Mono says. "Maybe dance to it or get laid to it."

Bump in the Night is out March 31 on Brooklyn's Tummy Touch Records. Pre-order it here.