From what it was like to see their team win the Super Bowl to the insane happenings superfans have witnessed (or helped create) over the years, there is no shortage of stories. Here are five of the best ones.

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Oct 5 2016, 8:08pm


Our superfans are the type of people you would love sitting next to in a sports bar. From what it was like to see their team win the Superbowl to the insane happenings they've witnessed (or helped create) over the years, there is no shortage of stories. Here are five of the best ones.


"The year was 1995, January 15th. The San Diego Chargers, AFC Champions, won their first trip to the Super Bowl. They faced the San Francisco 49ers in the first all-California Super Bowl, XXIX. The City of San Diego went Bolt Crazy. I quickly realized that the Chargers were missing a mascot for the City's first Super Bowl appearance. I took it upon myself to fill the void and created Boltman."


"No moment will ever replace the magic of my front row, balcony seat in New Orleans for that February 3, 2002 evening. My friend stood next to me as the world went silent for an instant. The score was tied 17-17 and we were against "The Greatest Show on Turf" which everyone thought was unbeatable. We all held our breath as the upstart-team, my Patriots, took center field. The pigskin flew and immediately my friend shouted to my blind eyes "Good! Good-good-good-good-good-good! It's good!" The next moment I was drowning in the noise and jubilance. I was 36 years old and the prior 26 years of fandom had done everything to convince me this moment would never happen and yet here it was. Confetti was flying and my team was hoisting the Lombardi trophy."

#3 49ER MARK

"In 2011, the 49er organizations ran a fan based marketing campaign because of a temporary lockout of the NFL players. The lockout happened just when the NFL teams would create their promotions for the upcoming year, so the 49ers organization decided to involve their season ticket fanbase in a marketing campaign. They asked for anyone to say why he or she was a 49ers fan. The winner might be chosen to be involved with the marketing. The bonus prize was the upcoming season tickets. I was chosen to come in for the marketing shoot and based on my story and personality they asked me if I'd do them a favor. I immediately said yes because I wanted the tickets and if they needed something from me I thought I'd be a shoo-in. They asked if they could paint me from the waist up! I didn't win the tickets, but I was featured in a full-length newspaper ad in upper-body-paint."


"I was the one who worked with Chiefs to bring a renowned world record organization to Arrowhead for the loudest crowd roar. It was my idea initially to do this. I got friends involved and eventually the Chiefs organization too. The most amazing feeling was on Oct. 13th, 2013 and then again on Sept 29th, 2014 when many months of interviews with media and getting things prepared all came true when the world record flashed on the Jumbotron at Arrowhead, and seeing grown men and women cry uncontrollably because of what that meant."


"My loyalty to the Rams has never wavered. When they left Los Angeles, while most Ram fans were upset with the Rams and started supporting different teams, I continued being a diehard fan. I wore Rams jerseys when it was not very popular. I bleed blue and gold 24/7, and I show it with my clothing and my cars."

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