Michael Floyd's BAC Was .217 After Cops Found Him Passed Out in His Car at an Intersection

Police arrested Floyd after he slept through two green light cycles at an intersection in his car.

by Patrick Sauer
Dec 21 2016, 7:37pm

On December 12, former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd was arrested at 2:48 a.m. after being found asleep at the wheel of his 2017 Cadillac Escalade. The passed out Floyd slept through two green light cycles before police banged on his window and woke him up. The video, obtained byTMZ, shows Floyd was completely out of it at the intersection near Scottsdale Road and Goldwater Boulevard after returning from a three-point loss to the Dolphins in Miami.

Lindsey Collom of the Arizona Republic reports that Floyd was initially cooperative, but became belligerent as things unraveled, leading to this exchange:

"'You got four cars,' Floyd says. 'You got four cop cars for one drunk.'

The arresting officer replies, 'When it's somebody who's passed out in an intersection and we don't know what you're going to do when you wake up? Absolutely. In this case, it took a while to wake you up.'

As Floyd is about to enter the back of a police car, he pauses and says, 'Who, who saw me sleeping somewhere?'

'That would be me, sir,' the officer says.

'That's nonsense,' Floyd says as he tries to shimmy backwards into the vehicle.

'Well, it's all on video, so.'

'Nonsense,' Floyd can be heard saying."

Floyd's BAC was .217 percent, which is considered super extreme DUI under state law. He was arrested on suspicion of two counts of DUI, one count of obstructing a roadway and one count of failure to obey a police officer. If convicted of super extreme DUI he faces a minimum sentence of 45 days in jail.

TMZ also has video from inside the police station, where it is explained to Floyd that blood will be drawn under court order, not his consent.

Floyd was released by the Cardinals on Wednesday December 14 and claimed off of waivers by the New England Patriots the following day. Coach Bill Belichick told reporters they were aware of Floyd's arrest at the time.