The Cult of Marc Emery, Canadian Prince of Pot

We sent Fucked Up's Damian Abraham to interview a freshly released from prison Marc Emery at his welcome-home party in Toronto for the latest episode of "Canadian Cannabis."

Sep 16 2014, 9:30pm

Marc Emery is commonly known as the "Prince of Pot," which is a title he got from years of pot activism and, of course, pot smoking. Beyond his protesting, which got him arrested more than a few times, Emery was a successful marijuana seed seller, which became a lucrative business quite quickly. His cash flow got him noticed by the DEA, who extradited him from Vancouver to the US, where Emery was sentenced to five years in prison. Twenty-eight hours after his release, VICE's Damian Abraham went to meet up with Emery at his welcome home party in Toronto. We also met with his partner "Marijuana Man" and his wife Jodie back at the Cannabis Culture HQ in Vancouver.