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Who Hijacked Aaron McGruder's 'Boondocks' Facebook Page?

Aaron McGruder has been railing about his loss of control over the 'Boondocks' Facebook page.

by Wilbert L. Cooper
Mar 20 2014, 2:02pm

There is a lot of corporate and PR fuckery happening on the social media channels of our favorite shows and artists. Bob Marley has been dead for 33 years, so why the hell is he posting wacksteady songs by one of his illegitimate children in my feed every damn day?

One celebrity you can always count on not to dick you around in social media is Aaron McGruder, creator of The Boondocks comic strip and animated series. In the past, he used the Boondocks Facebook page for more than just promoting the show—he did everything from clowning Glenn Beck to creating awareness about instances of police brutality around the country. The direct relationship he cultivated with his fans was the key reason why The Boondocks has nearly 7 million likes. 

Earlier this month, however, the writer appeared to have lost control of his account. 

If Aaron isn't controlling it anymore, then who is? And why have they blocked him from using the account of his own show? These are question I tried to approach Aaron's team about, but they declined to comment on record. 

What we do know is that the Facebook post above comes from a new account Aaron created for his upcoming live-action show, Black Jesus(Like the BoondocksBlack Jesus will air on Adult Swim. However, Black Jesus will be produced by Time Warner—which owns Adult Swim—whereas the Boondocks is produced and owned by Sony Pictures.)

Since Aaron lost control of the Boondocks Facebook page, the posts have become remarkably corny. A post like this one is offensive, not because it quotes the inflammatory Uncle Ruckus but because it doesn't make any damn sense: 

A new season of The Boondocks is slated to air on Adult Swim on April 21. Like everyone who has been a fan of the show over the years, I was absolutely giddy when it was announced. Yet, considering that the man who created the show has lost control over something as trivial as the Facebook page associated with it, I have to wonder whether he still has control over the show itself.

UPDATE: Adult Swim has issued a press release about the the upcoming fourth season of the Boondocks, stating, "this season was produced without the involvement of Aaron McGruder, when a mutually agreeable production schedule could not be determined.​"

This situation is already reminding me of the painful third season of the Chappelle Show

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