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Listen to YG’s New Anti-Police Brutality Track “One Time Comin’”

"In loving memory of the victims of police brutality.”

by Alex Robert Ross
Oct 25 2016, 2:31pm

YG hasn't released any new solo music since his second studio album, Still Brazy, dropped in June, but that doesn't mean he's been laying low. With Donald Trump still inexplicably hanging around, stinking up the place, the Compton rapper has been pulling stunts and making himself heard. Just last month, he invited fans onstage at a show to beat the shit into a Donald Trump piñata​. And a couple weeks back he dug into the comments beneath FDT for a Noisey People vs…​. And he was there, too, on DJ Mustard's Cold Summer project, jumping on the hook of opener "Been a Long Time​."

But today he's returned with his first proper new track in months. "One Time Comin'" is a fearsome track, "in loving memory of the victims of police brutality." Running over a bass-heavy beat and a minimal synth, he talks about necessities and anxieties: "Gotta stay strapped, stay cautious / Young nigga ain't tryna see the coffin." By the end, he's deep into structural racism at its most obscene: "They don't want us sellin' records / Only want us sellin' crack man / But now I'm whoopin' ass and me and racist folks always clashin'."

It's a topic that YG broached on Still Brazy's "Police Get Away wit Murda​," but there the hook—"We don't give a fuck, we don't give a fuck"—maintained an independent disdain. Here, there's a more pointed angst.

Listen to the track below and read our interview with YG here​.

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