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Jaimie Warren Is a Large, Soft, Pink Blob That Dispenses Sweets

Or at least she dressed up like one last night for the opening of her new show, "The WHOAS of Female Tragedy," at Miami Dade College’s Museum of Art + Design.

by Christian Storm
Sep 7 2012, 7:00pm

Yesterday, we told you all to get excited because our good friend, the amazing artist Jaimie Warren, was opening her new exhibition, The WHOAS of Female Tragedy, at Miami Dade College’s Museum of Art + Design. Well, by the looks of these photos, the show went smashingly. Have you ever been to a gallery opening and found yourself a little let down by the free food spread of carrots, dip, and little cheese cubes? Well, that doesn't happen at a Jaimie Warren show. I can't even begin to explain what's going on, so I'll let Jaimie do it: 

“My costume was a farty, oozy, nasty blob you could eat food off of! This was designed by Matt Roche and Lee Heinemann. I also had several secret holes and flaps where you could get  amazing desserts, dip things in chocolate at the chocolate fountain flap, and a new invention we made up called ‘chocolate slammers.’ If you got sticky fingers, you could get moist towelettes at my back door.”

Everyone loved it, including this little girl in the video below (though what I might be seeing as delight could also be a deep emotional scarring happening in real time). Way to go, Jaimie!

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