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As Trump Melts Down, Comey Is Living His Best Life on Twitter

The former FBI director is having a nice, peaceful fall while his former boss rages.

by Eve Peyser
Oct 23 2017, 7:45pm

Photos: Drew Angerer and Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

In the months following a breakup, there is no better feeling than posting pictures of yourself looking and feeling good as your ex has a public breakdown. This is effectively what's happening between the president of the United States and James Comey, the former FBI director who Donald Trump unceremoniously fired in May.

That firing, of course, resulted in widespread outrage as Trump critics assumed that it was motivated by the president's desire to quash an FBI investigation into any Russian interference in the 2016 election—an accusation the administration has not exactly refuted. It also led to Robert Mueller being appointed as special counsel, likely intensifying rather than scaling back the investigation.

Trump's presidency has been, to put it gently, a rocky ride ever since. On Monday morning, he took to Twitter to continue his smear campaign against a soldier's widow. Meanwhile, Comey, free of one of the world's worst bosses and working on a highly anticipated tell-all, posted a picture of him hanging out in beautiful Iowa, relaxed, at peace.

Comey has always kept a low profile on social media, but even though journalist Ashley Feinberg (who worked at Gizmodo at the same time I did) went to incredible lengths to discover his Twitter and Instagram handles in March, it wasn't officially confirmed that any of suspected social media accounts were, in fact, him until Monday. And as you can see by perusing the six tweets he's sent so far, post-FBI life seems to be treating him well.

His oldest tweet, from March 30—the day Feinberg published her story—was a playful meme referencing the story itself. It's actually pretty funny!

That was the same day Trump was grumbling about "the failing New York Times" and calling out members of Congress for not voting for the Republican healthcare bill that he was never able to pass. A little less than seven months later, on October 18, Comey revisited Twitter, this time with a photograph of the Hudson River.

While Comey was enjoying that fall day, Trump was at the beginning of his perverse and unhealthy obsession surrounding the negative press he received after a phone call with a widow of a dead solider. He also opined about NFL players not standing for the anthem and complained about Comey not trying harder to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

On October 19, Comey stopped by Gettysburg to think about "leadership and values," and Trump accused the Clinton Foundation of receiving millions of dollars from Russia. The next day, Trump kept up with the fake news theme that permeates his presidency by incorrectly linking an increase in crime in the UK to "radical Islamic terror." Comey tweeted a sunset.

On Sunday, Trump once again reminded the world of a dossier of unconfirmed information from former British spy Christopher Steele, published by BuzzFeed in January, which alleges some pretty crazy things about Trump's ties to Russia, including (totally unproven) allegations of a tape that shows the president watching a "golden showers urination show" put on by Russian prostitutes.

Comey may include some commentary about that dossier—which he tried to warn the president about before he was fired—in his book, but he isn't interested in talking about it publicly. The same day Trump was going on about the "Dossier," Comey tweeted some pictures of birds in Iowa:

Seems nice.

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Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated which month Trump fired Comey in. We regret the error.