Canadian Bike Cops Took Down One of America's Most Wanted

I guess bike cops are real cops after all.

by Mack Lamoureux
Aug 29 2017, 6:28pm

Foto via flickr de usuario J D Mack y Departamento de Seguridad Nacional

Montreal Police took down Katay-Khaophone Sychanta, an alleged drug smuggler and a one of America's Most Wanted last week.

It's an impressive feat, one that gets even more impressive when you realize that Synchanta wasn't taken down by a SWAT team or even just regular ol' cops, but bike cops—the least intimidating version of cops save for maybe the elusive Segway cop.

The bike cops spotted Sychanta during a routine patrol of a path in Montreal's Saint-Laurent borough on August 23. The cops suspected him and his cohort of drug possession. When they approached the 35-year-old Sychanta, he and the other man took off. The two were taken down and arrested after a brief chase. The CBC reports that when he was arrested, Synchata gave the officer fake IDs, but his real identity was discovered upon fingerprinting.

Sychanta, who was a dual citizen of Laos and Canada, faced his first indictment in Michigan in 2015. According to a 2015 write-up on the Department of Homeland Security website, Synchanta is "the suspected ringleader of a drug-smuggling organization that supplied millions of Ecstasy pills and hundreds of pounds of marijuana to several distributors located in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, Georgia, and New York."

"Sychantha has also allegedly directed individuals to smuggle millions in bulk cash, guns, cocaine, and heroin from the United States into Canada."

Homeland Security was offering up a $25,000 reward for Sychanta's arrest, and authorities considered him dangerous. In addition to the drug charges that Sychanta faces within Canada, he faces possible extradition to the United States.

Not too shabby bike cops, not too shabby.

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