Eagles Fan Creates Dope 'Star Wars' Hype Video for Nick Foles

The homage to Philadelphia's new stater is titled " Star Wars: The Last QB," and it's not half bad.
December 13, 2017, 3:58pm
Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea—USA TODAY Sports

The Venn Diagram that contains both Philadelphia Eagles and Star Wars fans has got to have a fairly healthy overlap (who doesn't like those things right now?!), but boy is this guy at the crux of it.

A YouTuber that goes by "Greg Stravous" has only two videos to his name—one called "All Aboard the Wentz Wagon," a Rocky-themed hype video for Carson Wentz, and a spectacular Star Wars: The Last Jedi mashup masterpiece, released yesterday. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to, "Star Wars: The Last QB," an homage to the incumbent Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles.

Since Wentz suffered a season-ending ACL tear on Sunday, Foles is the next man up, leaving fans anxious about putting their 11-2 season in the hands of their former third-round pick from 2012. He's bounced around some from the Eagles to the Rams to the Chiefs and back to the Eagles, but he's seen more time as a backup than a starter. But that's where our man Greg Stravous comes in, editing like a whirlwind to churn this thing out just two days after Wentz's injury, giving us...a new hope.

Sure, there are a lot of fan videos. But this one is particularly well timed in the sound effects, and well-themed. Is the football a lightsaber? Was Wentz Luke to Foles's Rey—the old being replaced by the new? (Foles is older, but whatever.) These are but a couple of the millions of kaleidoscopic interpretations of Stravous's 2017 masterpiece, "Star Wars: The Last QB." You should come up with your own. It's fun.