Former MLSer Unloads on Neurologist Who Resigned After RGIII Concussion Saga [UPDATE]

A former soccer player had a run in with the same doctor who created a controversy with RGIII's availability following a concussion. He called him a quack.

by Sean Newell
Sep 5 2015, 5:30pm

Alecko Eskandarian played in 125 games over the course of a seven-year MLS career for D.C. United and the L.A. Galaxy among others. He had a history of concussions and was eventually forced to retire after a ball hit him in the face with such force it broke his nose and gave him another concussion. Earlier in his career, Eskandarian suffered a concussion after getting kneed in the head by New England goalkeeper Matt Reis as they both went after a ball in the penalty.

Eskandarian experienced severe symptoms following the run in, including "intense, five-second migraines as much as 20 times per day after a workout." On Twitter, he explained some more about his treatment following the concussion, and his dealings with neurologist Dr. Robert N. Kurtzke [Update: Eskandarian updated his account, which you can find below, saying it was an associate of Kurtzke working in the same practice who actually treated him], who is the same neurologist at the center of the weird concussion saga with Washington's Robert Griffin III.

After RGIII was concussed during a preseason game against the Lions, Kurtzke initially cleared him to play, and then changed his mind the next day. It created a shittier show than usual in Washington and it was announced today that he resigned from the neurological consultant program run by the league and the NFLPA. Although it created confusion for Washington, reversing his decision to clear RGIII to play was probably the right call, but that initial decision, coupled with this resignation, is curious.

Put together with Eskandarian's claims in the tweets below and it paints a picture of a doctor who perhaps might not have his patients' best interests in mind.

UPDATE It seems Eskandarian was confused about who was treating him during his time with United. Earlier today on Twitter, he said he'd just been informed that it was not Kurtzke, specifically, who treated him, but another physician with whom Kurtzke shared a practice.

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