"Fan" Fights Keeper During Romanian Liga 2 Match

Playing nice.

Dec 4 2015, 9:56pm

I'm always baffled when people refer to random aggressors as "fans"—like, say, when J.R. Smith allegedly choked a heckling "fan" outside of 1 Oak last month. But here we are. A "fan" just went out on the field and straight-up slapped a goalkeeper in the middle of a Romanian Liga 2 match between Farul and Dunarea Calarasi today.

It's just a funny concept, this whole thing. There's no way this guy actually knows Alexandru Gudea, goalkeeper for Farul, right? Like, he's not heading out there because Gudea owes his sister money, is he? Impossible to tell. Otherwise, this is just some dude casually strolling out onto the field, ready to slap a man because he doesn't like his soccer team. What a silly idea.

Given the fact that Farul fell to Dunarea Calarasi 2-6 today, maybe the man was a fan. Or—used to be a fan—and just had to send his former favorite keeper off with a goodbye note. Upside the head.

[h/t 101 Great Goals]