Light Up The Night With Your Own LED Powered Jacket

Nemen's illuminating jacket will let you glow in the dark.

by Sami Emory
Dec 12 2014, 6:00pm

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Nemen’s LED jacket may not grant instant parkour prowess (and we actually suggest you do not try this at home), but it can transform any Average Joe into a bioluminescent creature of the night. The designers, based out of Rome, describe their work as product of a joint objective to “carry on the traditional Italian tailoring and craftsman heritage” while “constantly experimenting with innovative fabrics.”

Each jacket integrates twelve LED lights and two rechargeable lithium batteries into an outer fabric of optical fibers. An inner fabric, coated with specialized aluminum, reflects body heat and insulates the body for frigid weather and unforgiving winds. Manufactured at request of the client, the jacket is available for special order at a price of $3,000.

“The Nemen LED Jacket stands for the state of the art protection in urban and suburban environments, guaranteeing high visibility, maximum protection in harsh weather conditions and extreme comfort thanks to a meticulous ergonomic study during the development stage of the garment,” says Nemen.

Below, watch the jacket in action and check out close-ups of Nemen’s glowing gear:

Request your own custom-made, Nemen LED jacket here

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