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A Flock of Surveillance Cameras "Nests" on the Beach

Jakub Geltner is placing security cameras in random places to criticize the modern surveillance state.
July 8, 2015, 2:00pm
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Surveillance cameras pose like a flock of seagulls on a rock in Czech artist Jakub Geltner's latest work. In addition to clearly being a hilarious jab at surveillance in the vein of SpY's wall of cameras in Madrid, the pictures of Nest 05 are uncomfortable—we can't help but think it strange to see these things in more natural settings.

For several years, Geltner's been hard at work making various European cities "safer" with his Nest series. In addition to the surveillance gulls, he's done clusters of satellite dishes and installed stray cameras in random spots in the public space. Geltner's work focuses on the ever growing presence of cameras cities, letting viewers decide whether or not that presence is desirable. Nest 05 was recently unveiled at Sculpture by the Sea 2015 in the Danish town of Aarhus. Unlike earlier _Nest_s, this time he confined the cameras to the edges of a rock formation in the sea, each with its lens focused on something else. The resulting combination of saltwater and surveillance isn't reassuring as much as it lends itself to a greater feeling of insecurity. Even in this place, where you might have once sequestered, you're being watched.

Check out more photos of Nest 05 and other Nest works below:

Visit Jakub Geltner's website for more of his work.

**A version of this post originally appeared on The Creators Project Netherlands. **


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