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The Volocopter Is Our Flying Car

The Volocopter, an aircraft designed to be as simple to fly as a car is to drive, has reached another milestone.

by Kaleigh Rogers
Apr 8 2016, 6:20pm

Image: YouTube

Often, our visions for the future don't come out look exactly like we pictured. The most futuristic technology I could dream up as a kid was a video phone, but it didn't end up looking like a television with a phone attached. It ended up looking like an iPhone.

So it goes with the flying car. Considering we're nowhere near close to even a hoverboard, the dream of a regular, car-shaped car zooming through the sky is still just a fantasy. Instead, our best bet is the Volocopter. It's kind of like a human-sized drone, or a helicopter that's as easy to fly as a car is to drive, and is designed to travel short distances. In other words, this is our flying car.

After six years of development and seeking flying permits, the German-designed Volocopter took its first manned flight and published the video this week. Check it out, and adjust your daydreams about picking up your sweetie for a date at the fly-in movie theater accordingly:

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