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The New Aucan Makes Us Miss Burial in All the Right Ways

Dark times call for dark music.

by Joshua Glazer
Oct 30 2015, 5:15pm

While no one has confirmed who it was playing those alleged new Burial tunes at Unsound last week (although it seems Kode9 was the culprit), it very well could have been post-rock-turned-electronica crew Aucan providing the salt mine soundtrack, at least if the first song off their new album, Stelle Fisse, is a good example of what the trio has been up to since last summer's far more aggressive EP1, which featured noisecore baron Otto Von Schirach.

That barrel of sonic piss and vinegar came courtesy of Ultra Records, a surprising sell for one of the most commercial imprints in dance music. The new tune, "Friends," on the other hand, is out on Florestano's newly minted London imprint, Kowloon, which makes us wonder if the tapes got switched in the mail. This version of Aucan soothingly scrubs your soul with a siren's call of a vocal cutting through a fog of heavy gaseous synths and murmuring breaks that readily recall the most uplifting melancholic moments of that far more mysterious London producer. The mood is still dark enough for Halloween, but that doesn't mean it has to be frightening.

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