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Listen to Ferry Corsten Do What He Does Best on His 'Hello World' EP

The Dutch-boss is launching an interesting three-part series.

by David Garber
Feb 20 2015, 9:20pm

Even after being in the game longer than many of us have been alive, the Dutch legend known to the world as Ferry Corsten continues to find ways to expand and evolve on his finely tuned sound and persona. Case in point: his exciting collaborative project with Markus Schulz, New World Punx, a MIXED BY in which he reached back into a grab-bag of purist trancery, and most recently, a newly announced three-part EP series (the first mini-mix of which you can stream above). Ferry Corsten knows more than most how to give fans what they want.

The first in a series of three releases, the Hello World EP consists of seven tracks, all of which are big-room anthems in the utmost sense of the word. As you can tell from giving a listen through the above mini-mix, the tracks of part one of the release are made for the peak-hour, while at the same time contain a diversity that spans from dark and minimal melodies to those that would likely be paired with a shuddering CO2 blast. We even get hit with the acclaimed vocals of Chris Jones on the track "Make It Ours."

Dive straight in to the mini-mix steaing above and be sure to pick up your copy of the Hello World EP when it hits stores on Feb 23.

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