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Documentary Explores How We Might Interact With The Devices Of Tomorrow

Connecting, a documentary by Bassett & Partners, looks at how we might engage with future technology.
January 9, 2013, 3:41pm

You’re probably kept awake at night wondering about the future of interaction design and user experience, tossing and turning as you ponder the interactive interfaces we’ll be engaging with in the world of tomorrow. If so, then you might find some respite from your sleepless nights in this 18-minute documentary Connecting from Bassett & Partners.

In it, industry experts and the like deliver their thoughts on what kind of designs will be shaping, among other things, the much-hyped Internet of Things—where objects in the physical world will become “smart” and connected to the web by having software, or technology, embedded into them.

The first thing to remember is: let’s not forget who uses these devices. Without us humans supplying the demand there would be no interaction design. So the human component is important, but so too is something like the ever-annoying act of someone constantly checking their phone when they’ve agreed to go out for lunch/dinner/a two-day bender with you.

So the future of interaction design has to take a lot of factors into account, while also looking to create a more naturalistic experience which nods to, but doesn’t completely replicate, the analogue world with which we’re familiar with.

As these two worlds continue to come together—the physical and digital, the human and technological—what kind of designs will they necessitate?

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