A 'Twilight Zone' Play Is Coming This Year

The show is set to open at London's Almeida Theater in December.
July 18, 2017, 4:33pm
Photo of Rod Serling and some spooky wax figures by CBS via Getty Images

Submitted for your approval: A theater adaptation of Rod Serling's seminal sci-fi anthology series The Twilight Zone is heading to London in December, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

UK theater powerhouse Richard Jones will be directing from an adaptation written by Anne Washburn. Washburn previously penned 2012's Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play—_a play about a bunch of apocalypse survivors retelling episodes of _The Simpsons, which felt like something Brecht would have done if all he watched were FOX reruns. (It's basically that scene in Reign of Fire, except good.)

The Twilight Zone play will open at London's Almeida Theater with previews in early December and a limited run that will continue until January 27. If it's well-received—which it seems destined to be, given the source material and the duo running the show—then it's likely that Broadway will get a taste of the fifth dimension, too.

"The Twilight Zone was an ingenious mixture of morality tales, fables, and fantasy that are as relevant today as when they first aired," Veronica Hart of CBS, where the original series aired, told the Reporter. "The play allows these powerful stories to be experienced in an entirely new way in order to reach a whole new audience."

There's no word yet on who will star in the stage adaptation or which of the many, many, many genius episodes will be explored—but let's just hope Washburn didn't take a cue from that Goosebumps movie and craft a story about an elderly Rod Serling battling ventriloquist dummies, evil slot machines, and gargantuan aliens with a thirst for human blood who have invaded his town. Though after what she did with The Simpsons, Washburn could probably pull it off.