Could Virtual Reality Revolutionize the World of... Mimes?

Honestly, it's about time mimes got with the program.

Apr 8 2016, 8:35pm

Image courtesy the artist

In a land of self-driving cars, animal-free meat, robots that look like Scarlett Johansson, and chairs that build themselves, isn't it about time mimes got with the program? Here to usher the dusty old world of miming into the 21st century are Pablo Rochat and Fabio Benedetto, two art directors and designers who just launched the VR-enabled Mime Academy. Gone is the need for imagination; finally you can feel like you're tugging on actual rope and pressing your palms on actual walls as you bother people and frighten children in public spaces. The official website lets you know everything you need to become the very model of a modern mime:

1. Request Mime Academy Beta for Oculus
2. Get Oculus Rift
3. Get Leap Motion for VR
4. Get Mime Costume 

"VR is on the rise, but no one has made use of the ridiculous arm gestures people make while using a VR headset," Rochat tells The Creators Project. "We’re putting those arms to use, but teaching you how to become a mime!" Together with Benedetto, Rochat has spent the last year mocking iPhone ads and founding the first annual Netflix and Chill Festival at the University of Philidelphia.

Now they're poised to conquer the antiquated world of mimes with modern technology. If you remained unconvinced of the power and influence of this medium after reading our coverage of Chris Milk's documentaries on the refugee crisis or BeAnotherLab's VR sex change, you can now set your skepticism aside. The future is going to be awesome.

See more of Pablo Rochat and Fabio Benedetto's work on their websites.


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