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Danny Daze Went From House Arrest To Hot Creations—and Beyond

The techno-electro don doesn't pulls punches on the latest Rave Curious.

by Joshua Glazer
Aug 18 2016, 2:00pm

Danny Daze has lived the lives of a dozen different DJs—from a 14-year=old playing electro at giant Miami raves to time spent doing actual time, rising among the ranks of mash-up masters under the tutelage of DJ AM, breaking into the deep house (or as he calls it, "social techno") scene with Jamie Jones, and finally discovering his own direction in the obtuse techno of his OMNIDISC imprint. "My first gig ever in Europe was London, at Fabric," he tells of his almost unbelievable career path.

The one thing that remains constant in the Cuban-American producer's ever-evolving is a focus on songs, regardless of the genre. That, and an ear for dark and sleazy sounds rooted in the heaving 808 bump of his native Miami. It's a southern bounces he always manages to bring to releases on imprints such as Ultramajik, Ellium and Kompakt. A bass so deeply embedded that you can practically hear it in his voice as he speaks for an hour on this week's Rave Curious Podcast.

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