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Hacktivists Deface Lenovo’s Website

Hackers apparently affiliated with the Lizard Squad group took control of Lenovo's homepage and defaced it.

by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Feb 25 2015, 9:50pm

Someone or some group has hacked into the website of computer manufacturer Lenovo and defaced the site, replacing all content with a slideshow of people's selfies.

The website's title has also been replaced to @LizardCircle, the Twitter handle of infamous hacktivist group Lizard Squad, which has claimed a series of low-level hacks in the last few weeks, such as taking down the Sony Playstation Network.

On Tuesday, the group claimed responsibility for a similar hack on Google's Vietnamese homepage.

Reached by phone, a Lenovo spokesperson declined to comment and asked to be contacted via email, but has not responded to Motherboard questions at the time of publication. It's possible that the company was targeted in retaliation after last week's Superfish controversy, in which Lenovo was caught shipping laptops that included software designed to to serve ads.

It's unclear how the group was able to take control of the site, but these kind of defacements often take advantage of websites that are badly configured, and are not that hard to pull off. For example, after the terrorist attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, hackers claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous launched a defacement campaign dubbed #OpCharlieHebdo, which was followed by a counter-campaign by Islamist hackers. These attacks are so common that there's a whole site​ dedicated to archiving them.

Lizard Squad hasn't claimed responsibility yet, but last night, the group anticipated that they weren't done after the hack on Google's Vietnam's page.

A few minutes after the website's defacement, the hacktivists group started tweeting screenshots that appear to show emails directed to Lenovo employees, hinting that Lizard Squad might have taken control of more than just Lenovo's site.