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The North Korea-China Nuclear Trade War in One GIF

North Korea is trying to feed its nuke fix, but China's cutting it off.

by Brian Merchant, art by Jay Spahr
Sep 24 2013, 3:28pm

Ever feel like you can't keep up with all the doom and gloom echoing around the internet?  Motherboard's here to help. With GIFs. Welcome to THIS WEEK IN HELL, a feature that brings you hard-hitting animated coverage of the week's most apocalyptic events, straight from the digital pen of Jay Spahr.

If the most delusional nation currently in existence were to gather a large and functional arsenal of nuclear weapons, there would likely be not just one, but many weeks in hell. And North Korea's nuclear ambitions are getting so out of control that even its once-tolerant patron, the People's Repubic of China, is getting fed up.

Despite its history of playing along and maintaining an open line of trade with the most oppressive regime in the world, China has finally put its foot down. Reports that North Korea has resumed plutonium production led to China release a 236-page document banning the trade of all sorts of materials with its insane neighbor.

According to the The New York Times, they "include ebola, a biological virus; nickel powder; radium; flash X-ray generators; and microwave antennas designed to accelerate ions."

Experts say that this shows that China is finally implementing the latest UN Security Council resolution, and that this may serve to send a strong message to North Korea and help sever its access to nuclear materials. But let's be honest. All you really need to know is contained in that GIF up there.