Please Watch Salty-Ass Coach K Cry About the Referees. It's Amazing!

Coach K. Always classy.

by Sean Newell
Jan 19 2016, 3:00pm

I want to distill this press conference and inject all of it into my fattest vein, so that I'm just stoned on my couch with a needle hanging out of my arm and a smile on my face. Duke lost a tough, close one at home to Syracuse last night, and class act Mike Shurshevsky was not happy with how it ended.

Trailing 63-62 with around 10 seconds left, Duke was trying to avoid Cuse fouls and get to the rim to take the lead. Grayson Allen's initial shot went off the rim and the ball was tipped out to the foul line. Matt Jones seemed to get the rebound, but he and Syracuse's Malachi Richardson collided with each other almost immediately, jarring the ball loose. Coach K thought that it should have been a foul right there on Richardson, but nothing was called. Duke's Derryck Thornton was called for a foul as he and Richardson tried to collect the loose ball.

Richardson hit one of two free throws and Duke missed a last-gasp half-court heave, which Coach K also wanted a foul on but let's be real dude, not even your Dukies are getting that call. After the game, he was the picture of class. He just straight up ditched the Syracuse handshake line halfway through, and then went on to say the no-call on Jones was "amazing" about 18 times in his press conference.

Duke lost 64-62 and is now in the midst of a three-game losing streak for the first time since 2007.