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Lauriana Mae Premieres "LOL" with Dreezy

The New Jersey singer is prepping for her 'Can't Go Back' project.

by Noisey Staff
Oct 17 2016, 5:32pm

​New Jersey singer Lauriana Mae is gearing up to make her mark on the R&B world. Having yet to release a full body of work, the Atlantic Records signee is prepping for her first, a new mixtape titled Can't Go Back. The project's lone producer, Jack Splash, has written and produced for R&B heavyweights like Alicia Keys, R Kelly, Cee-Lo Green, John Legend, and more. Over the weekend, we premiered Lauriana's newest track "LOL" which features Chicago rapper Dreezy​ on our Noisey Beats 1 radio show​. The song shows the singer getting the last laugh at people who've done her wrong. 

Through email, Mae explained the inspiration for "LOL": 

""LOL" is about them fake people that take your kindness for weakness and your silence for stupidity. I just seen a lot of that these past few years. Takes so much strength to love yourself more than they hate you some days. All I wanna do is be happy but some people don't like that.​"

Listen to the track below.

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