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Alice Glass' New Single "CEASE AND DESIST" Is a Rallying Cry

In her own words, Glass says it's "a call to arms for all survivors."

by Lauren O'Neill
Jan 23 2018, 5:11pm

Image by Jupiter Keyes via PR

Alice Glass returns with a brand new video and song today. It's called "CEASE AND DESIST," and she's labeled it as "a call to arms for all survivors," following her own allegations of long-term abuse against her former Crystal Castles bandmate Ethan Kath.

The track is electronic pop like only Glass can make it: fast, sort-of-sparse, brittle-feeling, but tough at its core. Glass' vocals are a frantic cry, and a refusal to be downtrodden: "Honestly, you're never the victim" her lyrics implore, offering a balm for her own wounds, but also for those of others too.

In her own words, she says of the track:

This song is a call to arms for all survivors. But being a survivor often means feeling afraid, it means sometimes feeling worthless, like you can’t go on. We need to fight back against those who have victimised us and against the feelings that tell us to give up inside. Sometimes we think we deserve the pain others have inflicted on us. This song is what I need to tell myself to get through each day, and what I hope other survivors can remember when they feel like they can’t make it through the darkness of their own recovery. Every day is a fight.

It's a touching and personal message, and one that is delivered in Alice Glass' own unique and inimitable fashion. Listen to and see the visual for "CEASE AND DESIST" above.

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