Watch the First Teasers for the 'What We Do in the Shadows' TV Show

The spinoff of Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi's vampire mockumentary looks pretty killer.

by River Donaghey
Oct 31 2018, 7:09pm

Four long years ago, back before Taika Waititi started making Marvel movies and Jermaine Clement got himself stuck in the astral plane or whatever, the writing and directing duo came together to make one of the greatest vampire movies of all time: What We Do in the Shadows. The mockumentary follows a trio of vampire roommates in New Zealand, who mostly spend their time bickering about dirty dishes, beefing with a gang of werewolf punks, and periodically feasting on the fresh blood of their victims.

On Wednesday, in honor of Halloween, FX released the first clips from its upcoming What We Do in the Shadows spinoff series—and if these two brutally short teasers are to be trusted, it looks like it's going to be just as brilliant as the original.

The new series may have the same name as the movie, but according to a Rotten Tomatoes report from New York Comic Con, it'll tell the story of a different trio of vampire roommates in Staten Island this time around.

"Much like the movie, the series follows three vampires who live together: Laszlo (Matt Berry), Nadja (Natasia Demetriou), and Nandor (Kayvan Novak)—the former two are husband and wife," the report reads. “The main action is put into motion when our central three vampires receive notice that an ancient leader vampire named the Baron is coming to pay them a visit from abroad, purportedly to see how conquering America is going."

The FX series isn't the only What We Do in the Shadows spinoff Waititi and Clement are making. They're reportedly developing a sequel film following the gang of werewolves from the original movie called—naturally—We're Wolves, and a stand-alone series about the inept cops from Shadows is currently airing in New Zealand. Are we witnessing the birth of a What We Do in the Shadows cinematic universe right now? It's a Halloween miracle.

What We Do in the Shadows is set to debut in spring 2019 on FX. Until then, give the teasers a watch above.

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