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Daily Horoscope: April 10, 2016

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by Annabel Gat
Apr 10 2016, 7:00am

Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

The Moon entered intellectual Air sign Gemini early this morning at 1:59 AM, creating a curious mood today! The Moon connects with sexy Venus in Aries at 11:38 AM, bringing flirty conversations, and it opposes warrior Mars in Sagittarius at 4:06 PM, boosting our energy (and our tempers). The Moon challenges hazy Neptune at 7:59 PM— Gemini's vibe is all about clarity, and when the Moon clashes with Neptune, the planet of confusion, figuring shit out is top priority!

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The Moon entered logical, intellectual Air sign Gemini today, and you're in the mood to work out problems, gather info, and have some conversations. Trust your intuition this evening. You may not want to, but do it.


Your mind is on financial matters today, Taurus: money you're making, money owed to you, and your big financial dreams for the future. Get clear about your goals and boundaries around cash today.


The Moon entered your sign today, Gemini! The Moon rules emotions, so spend some time reflecting on yours. A confrontation or chance to address an issue in a relationship will come today, and being clear on your feelings will take you far.


You're in a sleepy mood today, Cancer, so take it easy. You're in a very philosophical mood today as well, so find some books or documentaries to enjoy between naps—but finish your chores first! Skipping out on your responsibilities isn't a good look.


You just want to have fun, Leo. Parties and good times are what you're all about, so it's a major bummer when your friends don't get along. The Moon is in chatty Air sign Gemini today, so talk it out.


You and Gemini (the sign the Moon is currently hanging out in) have a lot in common— you're both obsessed with details, you like to gossip, and you're both amazing problem solvers. Today brings stress, but it's nothing you can't over come!


The Moon is in fellow Air sign Gemini, a sign almost as charming and charismatic as you. You're in the mood to do something new today. Your friends, however, may not be excited that you're branching out. Whatever: You have to do your own thing, Libra!


The Moon entered intellectual Air sign Gemini early this morning, which is helping you think more clearly about all the emotional, intimate, tricky stuff you have going on in your life. Carry clear quartz for extra clarity today.


Your focus is on relationships today, Sagittarius, with the Moon in Gemini hanging out in the partnership sector of your chart. You're feeling pulled in many different directions today, but luckily you have plenty of energy.


The Moon is busy in Air sign Gemini, and you're busy, too, Capricorn. Your to-do list is piling up with chores. Watch out for miscommunications and delays today. Fact-check any news you receive this evening.


The Moon entered fellow Air sign Gemini today, highlighting the sector of your chart that rules romance and creativity! The vibe could feel a little stressful at times today, but let yourself have fun!


The Moon is in the sign of the twins, Gemini, and issues around family and home are on your mind. You're also super energized to push forward in your career, Pisces, but find balance today and also make time to tend to your home base.

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