Watch This Guy Turn Plastic Wrap Into a Knife

Anything can be a knife if you believe.

by Wajeeh Maaz
Apr 16 2018, 2:05pm

A Japanese YouTube channel continues to show us that with enough time, effort, and some tools, you can create a life-threatening utensil out of basically anything.

The Kiwami Japan YouTube Channel, which was behind the ingenious razor-sharp aluminium foil knife that our friends at Munchies covered recently, has delivered once more—this time taking a rather innocent roll of transparent plastic cling wrap and transforming it into a formidable deadly weapon. Of course, that isn’t the use-case that this channel is demonstrating —the video demonstrates the food wrap knife’s vegetable chopping capabilities side-by-side with a regular knife. The verdict? You probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two, at least by the looks of it.

Now, before you throw away of your kitchen knives and buy rolls of cling wrap to make sharp plastic knives with, be warned. It’s not an easy process. Much like the aluminum foil knife project, you’ll need heat guns, whetstones and a range of other tools, not to mention knife-crafting skills.

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