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Lil Wayne Muses on the Appeal of Miami, Part 1

With the unofficial governor of Florida, Plies, of course.

by Kyle Kramer
Jun 17 2017, 4:12pm

Day 270: "Find You" feat. K. Camp and Lil Wayne – Plies, single, 2015

I'm visiting Lil Wayne's adopted hometown of Miami for the first time ever, and so far it has lived up to every impression of it I've ever had: The views are stunning, South Beach is flashy, and everyone is attractive enough to make me feel like a total herb. Naturally, the only way to approach this for the Year of Lil Wayne is to post a song with the unofficial governor of Florida, Plies.

Wayne's verse is almost an afterthought, but it's one of his most inspired melodies, a short flash of brilliance that's catchy enough to be a song unto itself. And if we want to talk impressions of Miami, how about this one:

I got a South Beach bitch with a sun tan
She say no matter what she still a LeBron fan
The balcony Versace mansion, watchin' traffic move
I'm watchin' bitches dance with nothin' on but dancin' shoes
I got a California girl that call me all the time
I said I'm in the 305, she said boy bye

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