Cardi B and Offset’s Single “Lick” Definitely Proves Love Is Real

Also, Cardi B might be bringing New York rap back?

Feb 17 2017, 5:15pm

Here are some things that are objectively great:

– Reality TV star Cardi B is really, seriously pursuing her music career, and so far the results have all been quite a bit better than they have any right to be, especially given the way these things usually turn out. Against all odds of celebrity, Cardi B is a good rapper (listen to her song "Pull Up" for some serious spitting), and she might already be the best stripper-turned-rapper of the decade. In January, she released her second mixtape, Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2, to generally positive reception. It's honestly hard as shit, and it's a great revival of New York rap's golden age, when the city's music scene was powered by larger-than-life characters and raps were flowing like water. It's great, too, because even though Cardi B is definitely more famous as a persona than a musician, it makes no effort to trade in on her celebrity. There are no flashy, famous guests credited, while there are several relatively unknown but buzzing local acts like Hoodcelebrityy and Casanova. It seems likely to mint a few local hits—"Pop Off" is a problem. Also it verifiably has the best skit about Outback Steakhouse of any rap album released this year. 

– In addition to said music career, Cardi B is officially dating Offset (in the unsurpassable words of Bossip she just confirmed "That Offset Is Smashing Her Crazy Cakes To Smithereens"), right at the moment at which the Migos are the coolest rap group in the world and their song "Bad and Boujee" is basically the biggest song in the country (it's currently at number two on the Hot 100, but it's been in one of the top two spots for the last seven weeks). So in addition to being a surprisingly dope rapper, she is also at the top of the current rapper girlfriend power rankings.

– Combining the aforementioned great things, the one notable feature on GBM Vol. 2 is an uncredited Offset, and Cardi B's label, capitalizing on the news, is pushing it today as the single. It's called "Lick," and, like most of the Cardi B tape, it's disarming, a super tough drill track that, by virtue of the gossipy news around it, doubles as proof that love is real. How perfect is that? We owe it to the culture to make this a minor hit and a cult classic. Cardi B and Offset is a thing to celebrate today and every day. Listen to "Lick" below, and definitely check out Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2.

Artwork courtesy of Atlantic Records

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